• Schwerpunkt:Mittelschule - Standard
  • KlassenlehrerIn:Alina Hinterseer, MEd
  • Schulstufe:6
  • Anzahl SchülerInnen : 20 ( 10, 10)

My pirate

16. Dezember 2020

The 1A-pupils painted pirates in the sea, on an island, in front of mountains, next to palm trees or bushes, with a sun and clouds (Wolken), in a ship, with a pet (parrot, cat, dog...), next to a treasure-box, with swords, knives and cutlasses, big or small ships, with flags, with a crew (Mannschaft), next to houses, with long black beards, eyepatches, hats with skulls, long/short hair, colourful (bunte) headbands, brown teeth, wooden legs, hooks, grey belt...

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