English in Action 2020

From 24th to 28th of February the third and fourth grade of the NMS Kössen had a special week with English native speakers from the United Kingdom in which they spoke English, played games, presented a show and much more.

The students were divided into 3 groups with 14 to 18 people each. Three teachers called Sandra, Dean and Cathy taught us English for a week. Each teacher had his/her own main group and had to prepare the show on Friday to which the students’ parents were invited.

The students` impressions

I think we all enjoyed this EIA week with our teachers. It was an interesting experience because we had lots of fun playing games, talking to each other and recording our own news report with our own ideas.

Our vocabulary got a lot better due to this impressive amount of talking. We got to know the other people and the teachers well and will certainly remember this great week at school.

On Wednesday we prepared the invitations for our parents and some grandparents too. Some of the classmates who didn’t take part in this project also watched our three roleplays staring many celebrities like Queen Elizabeth II, Donald Trump, Billie Eilish and many more. During the last lesson on Friday we played some Kahoots altogether and talked a lot.

Leonore Mammet 4C


The pupils enjoyed it the same as their classmates last year and the year before. Some even took part the second time. On Monday they were intruduced by “Team challenge“ – exercises, like brain teasers, language challenges and language games. On Friday they presented an EiA-Show. Relatives, friends and teachers were invited by selfcreated invitation cards. Many parents came to the show and very really surprised about their children’s ability of talking and acting in English.

The topics of 2020 were

  1. Million Dollar Pitch – Level A2, B1
    They created a new product or invention that would take the world by storm!
  2. Comic Book Hero – Level A1, A2, B1
    They created a comic book story with superheroes and their abilities.
  3. TV News report – Level A2, B1
    They put together a series of TV news reports based on current or national news.
  4. Choose your own adventure – Level A2, B1
    They created their own adventure storybook.