Let's build a snowman

von Sigrid Berke-Noichl
14. Januar 2021

Great fun with the English homework

It is snowing at last. Everything is white outside. The children enjoy the winter. During their videomeeting the pupils talked about the word “enjoy“. They said what they enjoyed most: skiing, cross country-skiing, and playing outside. So they decided to build snowmen as their homework for today. They were very creative as you can see in the pictures. Afterwards they went inside and enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate. They did not only have to take fotos, they also had to mail them or to load them up on Moodle. Moreover they wrote interesting mails about their hard work:

Dear Mrs. Seidel, 

here is my funny snowman, I hope you like him.
It was really hard work because the snow is so “powdery“.

Yours sincerely
1B pupil